The story of the typical Berlin pensions and accommodations, which can be found today in apartment blocks, is unique and actually only to find in Berlin.

A lot of Berlin pensions were created in the years after 1915. These typical Berlin pensions were often established by the widows of officers that fall in the war. To ensure their survival these widows started a pension business in their large flats by subleasing their rooms. Because of this many of these Old-Berlin pensions still exist in the city center and the “nice neighborhoods” of that time for example Charlottenburg and Willmersdorf.

In a lot of books from that time you can read something about these pensions in Berlin. One of best known books is the world-famous roman from Christopher Isherwood “Leb wohl, Berlin”which he wrote from 1929-1933 in a pension in Berlin. It’s a charming novel, which give a lot of impression about the lifestype of that time is such a familiar Pension. The novel was filmed in the year 1972 with Liza Minelli in the leading role under the title “Cabaret”.
Some of these Pensions, which are typical and an unique accommodations for Berlin, have actually maintained until today. At which point exactly the Pension Am Park was established, can unfortunately not be traced back. For sure is that the Pension Am Park was already operated in the fifties of the 19th century.


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